For several years now Edith Baudrand had been working on the theme of vegetation and nature more generally through engraving and prints.

On the border of abstraction, these organic and poetic prints translate her desire to see beyond, to embrace the world in order to better understand it. This esthetic pursuit is a testimony of the artist's profound dialogue with her environment and of the bond between Man and Nature.

Her work also subtly the body, eroticism, sexuality or the absence of it, incessantly weaving links with childhood imagination, which remains the anchor point of her artistic research



movie and theater industry

Film  At Eternity's Gate,, de Julian Schnabel - 2017

Film Hugo Cabret, , de Martin Scorsese - 2010

Décor Théâtre Terra Botanica, de Fouillet-Weber - 2009

Film Séraphine, de Martin Provost - 2007

museums and home decorators

Lecoadic Scotto, commande /client privé - 2016

Lecoadic Scotto, commande /client  privé - 2016

Musée de la Chasse, animation Fugue de Litz - 2010

latest exhibitions


OPEN #1 - first edition, LEMOW

Paris 3e - France


C'est qu'il faut l'arbre au vent - Galerie Lionnelle Courbet

Paris 9e - France


Les arbres mères - Shimera Mosaic Studio

Paris 9e - France


At my feet - Galerie Cindi Glass

Beyrout - Liban

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